Embroidered Logo MockUp


  • Embroidery is the most popular choice for branding apparel for its low cost and high-quality finish.
  • Everything from caps, shirts, bags and towels can be embroidered.
  • A logo can be woven onto any number of items using multi coloured threads.
  • The cost of the embroidery is dependent on the stitch count, in our experience most logos are around 8000 stitches.
  • The logo or design can be supplied in jpg format, the image then needs to be digitised so it can be read by the computer controlled embroidery machines.
  • We usually supply digital sheet for approval.
Natural Paper Printed Logo MockUp

Screen Printing

  • This is the best option for large designs and quantities on apparel.
  • The most popular items for screen printing are T-shirts, Polos, Workwear and bags.
  • Vector artwork with pantone colours needs to be supplied for printing, high contrast designs work best with the medium.
  • Inks are pressed through a silk screen stencil onto the item.
  • For each colour in the design, a silk screen stencil needs to be created and setup, so the price increases.
  • Darker colour garments also require a white base.
  • Polyester fabrics need an undercoat to be printed to ensure the garment colours do not migrate with the printed inks.
  • A digital proof showing the art and location will be supplied for proof before commencing production.

Pad Printing

  • Pad printing is often used on small items such as pens, stress items, keyrings and much more.
  • This printing technique allows a print to be applied to nearly any surface, be it curved or unusual.
  • A stencil plate is made from your art and filled with ink.
  • A soft silicone pad then transfers the ink from the plate.
  • A single plate is used for each colour of the design.
  • Hard objects can have multiple spot colours.
  • Soft items like stress items can only have one colour, this is because it is very difficult to register more than one colour on a soft surface.
  • Spot colours are used to print, pantone colours should be specified when placing an order.
  • Like screen printing art files, vector artwork needs to be supplied.


  • Sublimation is a digital print process which fuses colourful design into materials and fabrics.
  • Sublimation printed materials are used in stubby coolers, mouse mats, mugs, sportswear, apparel and caps.
  • Usually the material will need to be sublimated on to the material before the item is sewn or created.
  • For apparel, only white polyester materials can be sublimated.
  • The benefit of sublimation means full colour design incorporating photos can be printed with an excellent finish.
  • High Resolution raster or vector artwork should be supplied.
  • Any pantone colours needed she be specified.
Engraved Wood Mock Up

Laser Engraving

  • This is a popular option for intricate detail on small items.
  • Laser engraving can be used on wood, leather, metals and some plastics.
  • Items that are usually laser engraved include pens, keyrings and drinkware.
  • The laser alters the top layer of the material leaving a nice finish.
  • Metal pens will show their base metal through after being engraved.
  • Wood will be burned slightly for a darker tone.
  • Vector artwork needs to be supplied for engraving.

Digital Transfer

  • This is a great option for full colour designs on garments.
  • Digital transfers are used on caps, apparel, bags and more.
  • Digital transfers are best used for designs which have intricate detail, photographic elements or gradients.
  • The design is printed onto an adhesive backed vinyl, then cut and weeded out, then heat transferred onto the item.
  • Because of the cutting involved, some fine details may need a larger area for cutting, this is done by creating a coloured edge the same as the garment the transfer is being applied to.
  • Vector or High-resolution raster images can be supplied for printing.

Supacolour Transfers

  • Supacolour is a brand-new hybrid technology, similar to digital transfers that produces superior colours and eliminates the need for cutting and weeding.
  • This allows fine detail to be applied with ease.
  • Supacolour can be applied to a wide range of items including T-shirts and other apparel, caps, bags and umbrellas.
  • Vector or High-resolution raster images can be supplied for printing.


  • Supasub gives fantastic detail, vibrancy and quality but the embroidered edge offers a real point of difference – essentially it’s the best of both worlds!
  • This allows fine detail to be applied with ease.
  • Lightweight feel compared to solid embroidery.
  • Versatile – can be applied to bags, caps, beanies, scarves, apparel.
  • Vector or High-resolution raster images can be supplied for printing.


  • Supaetch is a new on-trend decoration method at the moment. The laser-etched suede patch is laser-cut then over locked onto a range of products like, headwear, bags, blankets, beanies and scarves.
  • The stylish finish is subtle yet effective, showcasing both the product and your brand in a professional manner with a high perceived value.
  • It is available in 11 different colour suedes and with the ability to select either a contrast stitch or a matching stitch, the colour is your choice.
  • This provides you the ability to customise the finish to suit the product and logo perfectly.
  • Vector artwork needs to be supplied for printing.
Finishing & Packaging

Finishing & Packaging

  • Frazer has been a major supplier to a lot of souvenirs & retail suppliers over 25 plus years making finishing & packaging an essential solution for our business.
  • Big business or small we have a solution that is inexpensive and effective.
  • We can deliver shelf ready products right from bar coding, swing tagging to custom labels.
  • We have an inhouse team and also have strategic alliance with local and international suppliers to be able to deliver these shelf ready products directly to your warehouse.
  • We offer third party logistics so our customers can save time and money and they can focus on their core business initiatives!
  • We also offer automatic reordering so you never run out of stock for any products!
  • Frazer products have got you covered for all your finishing and packing requirements!